I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the combined 2007 (2006 for Aybar) offensive statistics of players we added, versus players we lost. I realize that it won’t tell us everything, but I thought it’d be interesting nonetheless. First:

It’s unsurprising to me that the combined OBP is higher, losing the likes of Young and Dukes who both had abysmal marks there, granted Dukes’ Batting Average was almost 100 points lower and goes to show just how futile Young is at getting on base. The differences in Batting Average are negligible, not that it really matters in the first place.

Slugging Percentage is also slightly higher which could be explained by Brendan Harris’ fluky season at the dish. Win Shares go to the players lost 38 to 22 due to their 573 more at-bats. If you factor in Harris playing over his head, Hinske’s horrible first half and the disparity in plate appearances that number figures to even up.

Another factor is the defensive upgrade of Bartlett over Harris: Bill James’ Fielding Bible has Harris the third worst in the league at -19 just behind Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez, with Bartlett tied for fourth best at +18. This is also reflected in their defensive Win Shares, 6.6 Bartlett versus 2.6 Harris.

Thanks to R.J. Anderson for the spreadsheets.



  1. 1 R.J. February 11, 2008 at 1:43 am

    There’s something grand about Jeter being ranked near Brendan Harris.

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