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The Minnesota Star-Tribune ran an article today about Delmon Young’s reaction after being traded to the Twins which goes a long way in showing the Rays fans Delmon’s true colors.

“Delmon Young had just finished a workout Nov. 29, when the news came that he’d been traded from Tampa Bay to the Twins. He hung up the phone and started beaming.”

I understand that the Twins have been a much better team than the Rays in the past, and from that perhaps he should be happy. However, Minnesota is not in serious contending position in 2008, apparently building a contender for 2010 according to the same newspaper. This has to lead Rays fans to wonder just how bad Delmon thought he had it in Tampa Bay, as he’s not exactly going to a perennial World Series threat like the Red Sox.

Throughout his Rays history Young was a notorious malcontent, several incidents gave him the reputation of being immature and aggressive, such as the bat slinging we’ve all heard about, as well as being lazy and disrespectful; Joe Maddon benched him after repeatedly not running out ground balls despite having been approached multiple times about it.

His reactions to the trade add icing on what I already knew to be a solid one. Young, despite what you might hear from some places, didn’t deserve AL Rookie of the Year with his meager 5.7 VORP — he was vastly outperformed by Dustin Pedroia, but I digress. These comments of his put a stamp of confirmation on what I had wondered; whether Young was even moderately content with being on the Rays — as it turns out, not so much.

Every player wants to win and that’s understandable, but you can still play for a sub par team and be respectful, still hustle, still be positive. Delmon did none of those things and it makes me happy to know we’ve cut loose that baggage and received a considerable helping of talent in return.

“They traded for the old Delmon, and they’re getting the new Delmon.”

I hope so, for the sake of the Twins.